Friday, June 30, 2017

July Schedule! AND ARTSCAPE!!

Veronica Barker-Barzel Kelly will be staying with us for various dates in July, so you still have time to come and see her great and imaginative works. Susan will be back for certain times throughout.

And, July is a BUSY month for me as well. I'll be going on a wonderful vacation/driving trip/craft session on wheels. I will be driving from Tucson to Virginia with a good friend. When she drives,
I'll be pinning on some work... so I can sew it when we get back. This is because I got into Artscape! Since I was waitlisted, I wasn't sure how this was going to all work out... and I still don't know! Life: what an adventure!!

Stay tuned on my business FB page or my Instagram to see some of the adventure! Hope to see you at Artscape!

Green on~Jen

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