Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January Schedule

Sorry this is so late folks!! The year had a very busy start, full of a lot of things left over from last year. Piles and piles and piles of clothing, market supplies, gifts and more had to be organized and cleaned up. And, and, and.... you get the idea.

In addition, I have taken a break from doing my studio hours and have a WONDERFUL ceramic artist in my studio, throwing pots, mugs and more.  Dana Lehrer Danze is such a talent. I love her work and am so happy to have her in my space for a few weeks. PLEASE goa nd see her this week or next, in the hours listed above. BUY something lovely from her. PRAISE her work.

You will not be disappointed!

Here's a sample:

And, you can see so much more work on her website. Click here. 

I will be back in my studio toward the end of the month, hopefully with new work and some fresh ideas.... So hard to get back to it, right?


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