Wednesday, July 6, 2016

RENOVATION: How I spent the 4th of July

Starting on Monday, our studio will be basically closed as we do major RENOVATION. But, don't worry, it is going to be SO NICE when it is done! I'm so happy with the work and look so far. Looking forward to resetting it and seeing the whole thing come together.

My studiomate retired last week after being at the Torpedo Factory Art Center for 43 years. She was a great mentor and friend and I will miss her. However, in the meantime, I will have a lovely oil painter join me in the studio. We decided to mix it up, tear it down and make something new. Check out the progress!

After my studiomate left, the walls were looking very bear. Note the big grey wall thing with the window in it. Taking that thing down was fun, faster and also messier than we thought.

BEFORE: All my work was over to one side of the room.

I set up shop in the middle for the weekend.
I patched holes for hours and hours. So many little nail holes...
The morning the major work started. Everything basically had to be moved into the hall. Good thing we were closed!

Susan, my new studiomate, works on cutting in the wall of the base coat.

Stacy, one of my best friends, throws her manual labor into it. Stephen, my new studiomate's husband, was an awesome help to us, taking most of that counter/wall down himself.

Counter top unit that was left, work in progress...

Stacy made sure to document me working as well. 

Work, work, work, work

Everyone wanted to see the new wall color!!

Our friend, Barbara Muth, stopped by to check out the work and the new color of our doors.

Susan loved the line left by the roller

Looking good!!

I work on a bookcase that will be a 'free standing' wall

PURPLE!! Can't wait to see what it looks like after two fully dried coats.
That's it for now. It is a big pile of paint supplies, covered furniture and all my stuff boxed and bagged up. Like any move or change, a big pain while you're going through it. And, so lovely and awesome when you get to the other side! Check back for the after look!

I hope to be reopen this weekend.. but so much more work to do before that.....Thanks for following along with the work! ~Jen


Unknown said...

You go, Girl! I can not wait to see the New and Improved Studio! I am also getting rev'ed to get more creative work done this summer! Look forward to seeing you sometime soon. ( PS I have more Dr. Seuss for you.)

Jenafusion said...

Thank you for your kind words!
Would love to swap fabric, sometime in the future! Xo

Jenafusion said...

Thank you for your kind words!
Would love to swap fabric, sometime in the future! Xo