Monday, November 2, 2015

Holiday shows and some closures

Happy Fall, Y'all!!

As we're all in the post Halloween-sugar induced-time change coma, I know it is hard to even want to *think* about the holiday season. "Can we just have a few weeks???" I hear you whine. Yes, of course, relax, get the stretch pants out and think about turkey for a while.

In the meantime, others will just move ahead. Plans are being made, invitations sent. Decorations hung and lists tallied.

So, with that in mind, please be aware of two major things: the Torpedo Factory, where I have my studio, is the site of many events during the year and they only ramp up during this time. This means two things to you: first, this could mean closures for rentals. PLEASE PLEASE check the closing times for that day you might plan to come, as they might differ from my normal open times. The hours of the Factory will always trump my own hours.

***Check for the hours of the day you plan to visit. Early, 5pm closures are happening this week on Thursday, November 5; Friday, November 6; and Saturday, November 7.***

Also, I will be doing many events that might take me out of the studio on my regular days. They are up to date as of right now on this page and also on my Facebook page, under events. I'm so looking forward to such great events as the Downtown Holiday Market!

I hope to see you sometime over this holiday season! ~Jen

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