Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To Dye For!

Unlike a great movie with Nicole Kidman, this is does not involve murder of any kind!

I think I am becoming obsessed with dyeing. Or, thought of dyeing. I recently bought a very expensive white sweater with the sole purpose of dyeing it. Now, I am a little afraid of actually doing it! I stopped and realized I don’t have a ton of experience and perhaps I should experiment a little more before I have to chuck the thing. 

As the fates would have it, I acquired a pair of brand new pants that were well, basically, nude. Thus, I would look nude in them. I also remembered that I needed to practice dying fabric, so why not practice on them.

(I'm sorry about the blurry self portraits in a not very well light hallway. I will try to be better about getting good afters in the future!)

The before

 The inspiration

The after!!

The thread wasn't cotton and did not dye at all, thus became a contrasting stitch. I like it. There was even a decorative panel in the calf and it calls attention to it. 

I even had socks that matched the purple at the ankle. OCD, much?

I’m super happy with the way these came out! I used regular RIT liquid dye in purple and it was (fairly) easy to do. I took a PVC pipe and wrapped the legs around the pipe, starting at the bottom/ankles. I dipped the top/waist into the dye bath and unrolled the legs into the bath as needed. I did learn a lot and I’m glad I decided to practice. I actually think I’m going to do more tonight!

A few things: I was worried that the pants would shrink too much if I did a boiling hot dye bath the whole time I soaked them. They have a little spandex, but I was still worried, as they are a skinny pants style. So, I boiled the water and the dye, turned off the burner and then proceeded into the dyeing process. I did add some liquid dye to the bath while it was going, which is a usual no-no, but who cares, it looked too light and they are my pants. ;P I timed it about 60 minutes, turned the pipe a little to create a softer fade of dye, not lines.

I LOVE the way they look! I was concerned that I might not have a lot to wear with them, but as a purple lover and a clothes horse, I actually have a ton of tops that will match a little too perfectly. My guy saw me today, with my purple laptop and purple cell phone case and joked that I was wearing my ‘gang colors.' Yes, but with my tie dye shirt, my gang is full of artists!

The pants actually wore well today, even bagged out a little in the butt after sitting a bunch. I'm sure I can get them to shrink a little in the wash. They are the prefect length for flip flops and a tank top later. 
What are you doing to rehab some clothing you like but don't love?

Off to dye more! ~Jen


hk kh said...

I have a cool Calvin Klein sweater that I just don't seem to wear much. I think it's because it's beige and white. Kind of washes my skin tone out. I am going to dye it black. The sweater is woven with a loose weave - allowing small amounts of skin to show through. I think it will look very cool in a darker color.

Jenafusion said...

@hk kh~

What a great idea! Just be warned, black is hard to dye on your own and might not take as a very deep black. If you are ok with it being a little, softer charcoal black, then go for it, otherwise, consider a different color if you want it BLACK... just a thought! Good luck!

hk kh said...

Guess what? You were right! I didn't see your comment in time...and the sweater turned out as a faded brownish/charcoal. Sort of...awful. It had to go bye bye...