Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fall Festivals!

End of summer is back to school for some, it is back to markets for me!

I LOVE the fall! The earthy smells, the hearty food, the comfy clothing. I could live in October forever. Blue skies and bright leaves, warm days and crisp nights. The best of the best, in my world.

Part of why I look forward to autumn is that I also love the festivals I go to each year. These have become an important part of my life. Going to these shows is like going to a different homecoming each time. I get to see regular customers, growing kids and old market friends. There is the excitement of the early morning set up, the frantic day of chatting, getting caught up and *selling* and then the exhausted break down. My schedule is filling up with some great festivals that I've been going to for a long time: Art on the Avenue and  Hyattsville Arts Festival.

However, first, I'll be returning to Adams Morgan Day after many years of being away from it. This loud and crazy street fair celebrates the neighborhood of the big pizza slice and late night partying in the only way it knows how: big fun and all day partying. There will be ethnic foods, green vendors, various community organizations and lots of handcrafted goods. I am happy to be a part of it again and looking forward to seeing friends- old and new!

In looking for photos for this post, I found an article about fun fall festivals around the country. Some of these I've never even thought of! Check it out and let me know what is the weirdest festival you've been to!

Happy Fall!~Jen