Wednesday, July 14, 2010

25 "Random" Things about Jen-A-Fusion

Photo by Erica DeJoannis, on my 29th Birthday

In the spirit of the Facebook viral note that went around a while back, here is a list of seemingly random things about Jen and Jen-A-Fusion.

1. I had 3 majors before I finished college.

2. I went to 5 different colleges before I graduated.

3. By the time that happened, I had enough credits for almost two degrees.

4. I'll be paying back student loans in the senior's home!

5. I'm a horrible speler.

6. My customers continue to surprise me with their appreciation.

7. My favorite colors are green and purple.

8. But I love all the other ones too.

9. I would love to travel to all seven continents. I have 4 down so far. (Can you guess which ones?)

10. My absolutely least favorite food: raisins.

11. One thing I really like about my work: always being able to defend it by saying "It's art!"

12. Don't worry, I'm not as strict an environmentalist as I might seem (oh, wait, as I go through the trash for recyclables...)

13. My first real job was a counselor at a girl scout camp. Now, I head up an art camp for kids.

14. The 'real life' talent I wish I had: to be able to sing.

15. The 'super hero' talent I wish I had: to be able to fly.

16. I love seeing someone random on the street with one of my purses. It makes me so happy!

17. My studio is a pig sty. Really, totally out of control.

18. I am the middle daughter of three sisters.

19. My older sister is a saddler by profession, but also a very talented artist.

20. My younger sister is a sports psychologist by profession, but also a sky dive instructor.

21. I have way too much fabric, thread, buttons, ribbon, beads and the like.

22. I *really* wish I could garden, but I just end up killing plants.

23. My friend Erica helped me come up with the name Jen-A-Fusion.

24. My friend Stacy created my logo.

25. I eat way less veggies than I should.

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