Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm always charmed by Charm City

Jen-A-Fusion has been busy. Jen-A-Fusion apologizes for not posting up pictures of works in progress, more Facebook updates, new items or pictures of shows and for the oil spill... what?? Sorry, I got a little carried away with the apologies...

And, don't you hate when people speak in third person?

So, thought I would take a few minutes to give a mini tour of the studio at large, the projects and products being worked on, but first, I will take a moment for this week's show.

Most of the reason I'm busy working away is due to Baltimore, for several reasons. First and foremost, I'm headed there this Saturday for a very special market. Americans for the Arts, which "is the nation's leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in" the country. They are turning the big 5-0 this year and hosting a Mid Century Summit in Baltimore this coming weekend. It includes talks for nationally known figures such as Robert Redford, seminars on how to start a local crafts day, dinners to rub elbows and of course, a marketplace of local and region craftspeople for some retail therapy.

Given the importance of the occasion, I was honored to be selected to represent the area to this national audience. Although we are set up next to where the convention is being held, this a completely free event, open to all. Artists will be on hand to talk about their craft, demonstrate some of the work that goes into it and sell the finished wares.

What: Americans For The Arts, Artists Marketplace

Where: Promenade in Harbor East, Baltimore, MD
Near the Baltimore Public Works Museum and the Marriott

Use 751 Eastern Avenue for GPS/ map directions

When: Saturday, June 26, 12-8pm


Personally, I can't wait to see some of the soapmaking, wood working and other textile artists... and here's a peek at what I'm working on in the studio:

Sun hats waiting to be ironed.

Sun hats ironed, sandwiched together and waiting to be sewn, lunch waiting to be eaten.

Working to refine my sun hat design. I'm getting feedback that the brim was too wide, so I have scaled it back. Looks pretty good, no?

The hats are reversible, so this is the other side.

And, boring.. More purses...OH, wait, these are actually kinda fun and nice. Same old shape, that's not new...But fun fabrics and great summer hues. I personally really like the peachy ones...

This are just a few of my most recent things... and more to come soon!~Jen

Remember, you can friend Jen-A-Fusion on Facebook. One stop lurking when it comes to finding out what is up to date in the studio.

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tarabu said...

If I don't make it - here's hoping you have a great day. And if you make it by Lana Bella, tell jenni 'tarabu says tomato' and she will roll her eyes at you because my love of her tomato body soap is bordering on an obsession.

I kinda feel the same way about your hats, come to that.