Monday, June 14, 2010

A Day in the Life of Jen-A-Fusion

So... I have been thinking lately about other people... and other people's lives... and what they do and who they see and what happens next...

And, thus, I thought I would chronicle A Day in the Life of Jen-A-Fusion. (Hm, do I smell another artist series here? A Day in the Life of Fill in the Blank Here...) This begs the questions, who cares what a day in my life is? Really? Who cares? Well, I do.. I thought it might give me a sense of what is getting done. What I need to do. Insight and reflection. An active meditation, if you will.

It is about 12:45. I just sat down to start writing this entry. At 12:30 was looking around for camera. Found camera. Looking around for memory card. (I took my camera to Texas with me, yahoo!, without the memory card inside, blah!) Found memory card. Tried to turn on camera. Batteries dead. All other batteries in car, in a fan that I was using at market yesterday.... ok, charging batteries. Will commence photo journaling later.

Sat down at computer. Got distracted by Facebook. Decided to change profile picture. Am back at writing this entry.

This morning was a somewhat typical Monday morning in the life of a market vendor. I think I can generally say that many market people take at least part of Monday to relax a little, re-group and get ready for the week. This is what other people do on Sundays.

(Bathroom break)

This morning, I slept way way way in. Again, what people usually do over the weekend. However, I had a Sunday festival in Maryland, about 45 minutes from my place. Got up at 6am to pack car, make lunch, get on road with enough time to get lost and still make it there on time. HOT HOT HOT out yesterday. Good people and good vibes, but long day. Heat makes me tired and hungry and tired.

Pack up, drive to studio. Unload car some, not enough energy to unpack all the way. Drive home to apartment, where boyfriend has dinner waiting at 9pm. Have dinner with boyfriend and our friend. Cool shower and to bed... zzzzz

Oh, I guess that was a day in the life yesterday.... oh, well... Did I mention I got an allergic reaction/ heat rash thing on my neck? Still trying not to scratch it, as when I do, looks like two big hickies. yuck.

Back to today. Slept in majorly. So majorly that I won't say what time, as 'regular' folks might get mad I slept that late on a Monday. However, it was no later than others sleep in, on a weekend morning. Did some chores around the apartment. Ran a few errands on the way to my studio, including a stop at Macy's to pay my bill and do some 'market research'. Aka, look at the mainstream purses to see what other people are designing, making and buying...

Get to studio, unpack weights, tent walls and tablecloths from my car, left in there yesterday because I didn't have the energy. Inside, put in a load of laundry. Then, make some brunch... look for camera... look for batteries (see above scenario)

(Break to let my old laptop cool off. It wasn't keeping up with my typing. While I wait, I unpack the suitcase from my Texas trip that I got back from almost a week ago, clean up the kitchen a little, take dry clothes off the drying rack.)

Well. Hm. What *needs* to be done today?

~Run charges from yesterday.

~Complete and mail an application for a show, due July 1st, show is in September.
Application has been filled out, CD will images has been burnt, check is ready. All sitting there, waiting for me to finish it up and send it out.

~Clean up common areas of studio. Studio roommate having visitor later this week. Time to clean kitchen?

~Finish up laundry.

~Work on Etsy shops, which are in shambles. Update, delete and add things in?

~Try not to throw computer out the window when it is old and slow and just trying to survive.

~Re-new audio books from library. I listen to books on CD while working on in my studio. Much more interesting than music. I've listened to about 40ish this year so far!

OK, should get to it, right?!

Well, just as any human will tell you, the road to hell, good intentions, blah blah...

Computer just totally froze up as I was trying to update Etsy shops. It got completely overheated and I tried to shut it down and cool it off. It won't really shut down. It actually just made some weird noises and I think, the Mac 'blue screen of death'.

Meanwhile, I cleaned up around the studio's common areas, finished laundry and then went to sew a little, to let the computer chill out for a while. Kept coming back to check on it, computer seems dead.

I try to get everything else on the list done, try to clean up my work space. Took some pictures to post. BUT, of course, I am now at my apartment, where I do not have my camera and thus can not post those pictures.

I get caught up with my studio roommate and leave for my apartment about 6:30pm, which is about the time a heavy rainstorm hits Alexandria. The highway is crawling, gutters overflow. I have a vague sense of what folks around the country have been going through.

I decide to take surface street instead of the highway... and am at sitting at a red light when I look over and see, one of the biggest rainbows ever in my life. It goes from one horizon to the other. FULL rainbow. I snap a pic on my cell and try to navigate without being caught in a pothole.

Head home where the boyfriend and I make dinner together (Bayou beans and rice, farm fresh sausage, fresh salad that includes lettuce from a friend's garden). Try not to think about my possible dead laptop.

After dinner, fold and put away some laundry. Now, back online, about to post this blog and make some plans for tomorrow. See, work never ends! :)

In all, a fairly good day. It didn't go completely as planned, my laptop might be dead and I didn't finish my whole to do list. However, a truly typical day in the life of Jen-A-Fusion, a few bumps, a few successes. This is actually a typical day in the life of many small business owners, designers and vendors. And, it all ended in a rainbow....

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