Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010 Artists of the Month~ Full Sanction

Sometimes, going new places will take you even further than you might have imagined. Going to new shows and festivals will do that for me. I get exposed to customers and other vendors that I would otherwise never have encountered.

This definitely happens when I have gone to the DC Counterculture Festival. This show is mostly comic makers and graphic novelists, with a few crafters and artists thrown in for good measure. Two years ago, I met Joe and Rusty as they were right next to me at DCCF. They are really fun loving guys that take the most odd moments that life has to offer and create comics, zines, keychains and the like. They don't take life or their art way too seriously, which they really can't: their characters are stick people! Now, that's my kind of drawing.

So, for a laugh out loud kind of Q&A, read below to find out more about two guys that create fun.

Q~ How did you get started?

Joe~ I make kitten scarves. I got started when my kitten's neck got cold.

Rusty~ I started doing comics in 1996 after seeing other self-publishers at the Small Press Expo and realizing "Hey, I could do this!" At some point Joe started signing his name to my stories, so I included him as well.

Q~ Why do you continue?

J~ Feline hypothermia.

R~ I'm not sure how to take this question. Are you inferring we should quit?

Q~ What is your greatest success story?

J~ February, 2005 - I was kitten-sitting and my water heater stopped heating. I knit a scarf big enough to keep six kittens' necks warm.

R~ September, 2008 - A dude pissed me off so bad that we wrote a comic about it. We did not name the dude in the issue and were thus able to actually sell him a copy.

Q~ What is one of your greatest failures?

J~ I didn't have enough yarn for kitten number seven.

R~ Not making the 1998 Winter Olympics team for Comic Publishing. I made the Summer team in 2000, but it just wasn't the same...


Q~ Where do you get your inspiration?

J~ Human scarves. Specifically, humans that look like kittens that wear scarves.

R~ Many times I find inspiration in my friends and fellow comic creators. They really push themselves and make me want to work harder. Other times I trip on acid.

Q~ Why do you make/create what you do?

J~ I love comics.
I mean kittens.

R~ I love sharing stories with people.

Q~ Where is your favorite place to sell? Or Favorite show?

J~ SKX. Small Kitten Expo

R~ I personally prefer SPX, the Small Press Expo. It's an annual show held in Bethesda, MD for independent comic publishers. It's where we were first introduced to the world of self-published comics and where we've made many friends. I don't like the crowd at the Small Kitten Expo. Kinda snobby.

Q~ What is the one thing you love about your business?

J~ Felting my yarn.

R~ I don't know if I'd call it a "business", so much as an "empire"...

J~ That's not an answer.

Q~ What is one thing you loathe?

Jose~ Me. I don't really knit kitten scarves. I made that up. I've grown very tired. I almost spell it "grone". I just wrote "almost spell it".

R~ I hate having to work with Joe when he has one of his "episodes" and starts spelling things wrong.

Q~ What is your dream about your art?

Jose~ Something about comics and kittens and scarves and winning an award.

R~  I'd like to win an Ignatz.

Q~ What is your mission?

J~ To do something productive with everything that goes through my mind and the crazy crap that Rusty and I come up with.
R~ To keep making comics and expand our stories into other mediums.

Q~ Where are you based?

J~ Trunk of my car where my kittens and comics live.

R~ We are primarily based in Hyattsville, MD. However, with Joe's trunk attached to his car we're able to move our base of operations at any moment.

Q~ Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

J~ Someplace with an inside. Or 1800's France.
R~ New York or 1800's Spain. Then we could be penpals in the past!

Q~ What would you be doing if not this?

J~ What I'm doing right now: talking about it.
R~ Making purses.

Q~ What is next?

J~ Porn.
R~ It's hard to say. There are so many possibilities for where we can take our art from this point. I guess...yeah, probably porn.

Q~ What is your favorite question to ask people?

Jose~ What's this smell like?
R~ Where the hell did you come from?!?

Q~ What is your answer to that question?

J~ I want a manhat. I mean: Heaven.
R~ Heaven.

Q~ What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen sparrow?

J~ I'm really very sorry about my answers. I haven't really made a comic in over a year. I'm plain awful. I like drawing stick figures because it's both a blank canvas where one can fill in the details regarding emotion and motion as well as an easy vehicle to tell stories based around the ideas we come up with more so than any actual storytelling. I love that there's a low barrier for entry in the comic world where anyone with an idea and paper can go to Kinko's and be as relevant as the biggest of companies. The proliferation of webcomics shows this to an even greater degree where you have people foregoing printing entirely and yet still finding an audience to share their stories. I don't know that everyone should make a comic but I like that anyone can.

R~ What he said.

J~ I buy gas that's unladen.

R~ That's not very green of you.

J~ I'm not the jealous type.

R~ Double touche'.

For more Full Sanction craziness, including more bio info, comic issues and other unexpected items, visit their website at

Hope the new year is treating you well so far. ~Jen


Joe Procopio said...

What a couple of wankers. Jose, please change your name.

bradly richards said...

They sound like truly horrible people.
Nice interview... but horrible people.