Thursday, October 8, 2009

Duh! I forgot!

I forgot to tell you more about where and when to find the October Artist of the Month, MICHELE BANKS. If you clicked on the title of my last post, you would have gone to her website. However, that wasn't clear at all. Sorry, folks, way too much work and not enough, chocolate?..

Michele's 411:

Next market: Bethesda Artist Market,



While Michele is in Bethesda, I'll be in Ballston.


Ballston Arts + Crafts Market, Arlington, VA
Saturday, October 10, 10am-4pm
Welburn Square, Stuart Street, Ballston

This is the last market of this series this season, so come by, if you haven't yet. I'm looking forward to it and remain optimistic about NO rain!


Other very chill goings on this weekend, The Shakespeare Theatre is having a Costume Shop Sale this coming Sunday, just in time for Halloween. I was there this evening to drop off an order of little bags and bought a great doublet jacket for an absolute steal!

You should definately check it out. You might even buy a piece of clothing I made!

The Sale is Sunday, October 11, 1pm to 6pm. More details at

Hope you have a great weekend, no matter what you do!~Jen

Green Tip~ Be A Clean Greenie

With the new and great habits people are creating by utilizing re-usable totes, there is also a new and not so great spread of germs. In using these bags more often, they are getting dirtier, picking up and retaining bacteria. Be sure to bag your meats before placing in your totes, then recycling that plastic wrap. Wash your carry bags often to deter contamination.

Pretty much, use common sense. If you ate off a plate and it was dirty, wouldn't you clean it? So, if you are carrying around food, between dirty cans from the grocery store to farm fresh produce from market, these bags could be less than pristine. Throw them in the wash at least one a week, using warm to hot water.

For more information on this issue, check out

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