Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Artscape Success Story

Back from Baltimore! What a wild, wacky show! I had a great tent mate, Fran of Martha Rotten. Awesome, rockin' pewter jewelry, designs of skulls, baby doll faces and roses, set with Swarovski crystals. Between Fran and company and our crazy neighbor, Raygun Robyn, there was always something happening. Oh, and art cars and wild tattoos, and lots of dogs and good weather, yes, something was always going on...

And, on Monday, I got this fabulous email from a customer that came by over the weekend:

Dear Jen,
I bought it on Saturday from you, and I love it. It's awesome. The colors are perfect (which I knew when I picked it), but also it's super classy, and it is the perfect size and shape. It carries everything I need (notebook, knitting, little wallet/purse, water bottle, LUNCH), and it all fits. Plus, the bag fits into my bike bag, and I no longer have to carry my stupid bike bag into work, I can just cruise in, pull out this purse, and I'm gone. It's great.

Attached is a picture of me and the bag, so you can appreciate how
awesome the bag is, and hopefully tell how much I like it.


P.S. I'm giving you a thumbs-up in that picture.


Well, if that didn't make my whole month! Elinor was so cute on Saturday, came back a few times, even though I could tell she loved the purse the first time. And, she had these really cutie socks on that totally made me want to wear tights in the summer. Elinor's blog documents her many wonderful knitting projects. Perhaps next time, she'll trade with me...

Thanks to all those that made it to Artscape this year and to those that couldn't, but sent me much luck! It worked! Great show, wonderful arts and crafts and not too hot. What more can a girl ask for?

I'm not doing many shows in August, but I'll be working on new products and fall styles. It'll be here before you know it!! ~Jen

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