Monday, May 4, 2009

Is that your final answer?

All the entries are in and the winners of the Earth Day Contest are: Veronica O'Connor of Chicago, IL and Ellen Eagan of Millbrae, CA!

Thank you to all who entered! Veronica and Ellen each won a Jen-A-Fusion reusable shopping. They both had bathroom tips to help clean and save water, each to be shared at a later date. I guess I have to make the bags now!!

Just an announcement about tomorrow's Spring Bazaar at NIH. Due to the threat of rain, the event has been moved to Bulding 10. That is all the information I have. I'm sure there will be signs inside the building. Hope to see all my NIHers ready for Mother's Day gifts.

Hope everyone is staying dry...~Jen

Green Tip~ Auto mat

From the book, Reuses, published 1982:

Rolled up and stored in the trunk of your car, an old window shade becomes a convenient mat for changing tires. It will protect you from the dirt and gravel on the road way. It can also be used for ground cover at a picnic, outdoor movie or the beach.

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