Friday, May 29, 2009

Old Town Arts & Crafts Festival

Please join me at the Old Town Arts & Crafts Festival!

What: Old Town Arts & Crafts Festival

Where: Market Square, 300 King Street, Alexandria, VA

When: Saturday, May 30, 1pm-5pm
Sunday, May 31, 10am-5pm

Lots of fun, music and all the Old Town charm! Two days and great weather! See you there~Jen

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DC Counterculture Festival IV

These are some of the posters the club came up with for the event. You can see the talent, right?

I know I over use “excited” and “looking forward to”. This is a good thing, as I how I feel goes way beyond that. “Stoked”, “uper-hyped”, "enthusiastic", "feverish", "fired up", "frantic", "hot and bothered" are more along the lines I'd like to convey.

This weekend is the return of the DC Counterculture Festival, which is one of the most unique and twisted shows that I do. I say this in a completely good way. It has been a year and a half since the last DCCF, at the now demolished Dr. Dremo's in Arlington. This year, the organizers tossed all the rules out the window and are having the THROW DOWN of the year.

A little background about DCCF~ started as a way for a club of graphic novelists, artists and comic enthusiasts to meet and sell their hand crafted, totally original comic art to each other. And, they invited some other artists, and then some other people wanted to perform, then...they tore down the location the club and the party always met at.

So, the organizers had to kinda start over. They had learned a lot from putting on this show for a few years, and asked for some feedback.

People said to make it longer, more accessible to families and the metro. People said the vendors should have a little more space, but still liked the indie vibe of an out of the way, hidden treasure kind of place....

People said to make it bigger, better but don't make it not cool, don't make it too commercial and don't, for heaven's sake, *do not* make it ordinary!

Thus, was created the monster show that will be DCCF IV.

Here are the reasons this is going to be the best DCCF thus far:

First, a Twelve Hour Show.
Really, this show is going to be 12 hours. No fooling here. 10am doors open, 10pm doors close(...or so they say!)

Second, Timing!
It is on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Most people have that day off, or take off and sleep in. (And most vendors from DCCF will be among them) This is a great excuse to come out and be able to stay up late.

Also, this date coincides with the famous Viva Vienna Festival, which will be right around the corner. This is the best kick off to summer there ever was. Rides, fried food, people watching, games, more food, vendors and tons of fun!

Third, location, location, location.

This year's DCCF will be at The Soundry in Vienna. The building used to house an old auto body shop, now it houses a cafe, art gallery and studio space.

Fourth. Fun Fun FUN!

Great activities are planned for the attendees. Music, craft demonstrations and hands on workshops. Art talks, face to face time with designers and crafters, magic show and more.

Fifth. The Price.
There is NONE! Did I mention this is Free? No? Well, it is.

Here's the condensed run down:

What: The DC Counterculture Festival IV

When: Sunday, May 25, from 10am-10pm

Where: The Soundry, 316 Dominion Road, Vienna, VA 22180

Who: Some hugely talented graphic artists, designers and crafts people drinking coffee all day!

includes a more complete schedule of events and vendors

I'm juiced up, jumpy, keyed up, moved, on fire, passionate, piqued, provoked, roused, ruffled, steamed up, stimulated, stirred, thrilled, wild, wired, worked up, zipped up so much more than I can say! See you there!~Jen

Green Tip~ Clean Green

From Earth Contest Winner Veronica O'Connor:

After a hot shower, bathroom mirrors get really foggy. There's enough water on them from the fog to give them a good wash. Grab a cloth and wipe 'em down. And voila, you've got sparkling mirrors again without the need for harsh chemicals and buckets of water!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hyattsville Arts Festival

What: Hyattsville Arts Festival

Where: Intrsection of Longfellow Street and Baltimore Ave

When: Saturday, May 16th, noon to 5pm **Time was wrong on my blog before-this is correct time**

Who: 30+ artists, PLUS, open studios, art shows, food and music!

How: Free Shuttle from Hyattsville Metro Stop!


Friday, May 8, 2009

Announcing the Artist of the Month for May!

I am starting a new feature on my blog~ Artist of the Month. Each month, a different designer, artist or craftsperson will be introduced to you. Their biographies, background, passion and creations will be shared.

The first installation is a close friend and talented artist, Stacy Rausch. She is not only my partner in crime at the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market, but also designed my logo, business cards and letterhead. I loved working with her and was impressed even further by her talent on the finished project.

Stacy Rausch~ Love to Create

Question: How did you get started?
Answer: I have always been "crafty" and took art classes in high school, and then college. I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with my art when I was younger, but it eventually evolved into a Graphic Design degree with a Studio Art minor.

Q: Why do you continue?
A: I love to create things (which incidentally, I named my company – Love to Create) and love to try new projects. My latest passion is photography – and I even plan on getting my Associates degree in it as well.

Q: What is your greatest success story?
A: I think every time I sell a piece of something I have made (whether it is jewelry, a frame, a photo or whatever) I feel like I am a success. Also I feel very proud that someone is willing to pay me for something that I created.

Q: What is one of your greatest failures?
A: Going to a few markets last summer and not selling one thing…

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: Great works of art, a pretty sunset, friends, family, something that has an amazing design concept, art galleries.

Q: Why do you create what you do?
A: I love the feeling of taking a photo or creating a piece of jewelry and stepping back and saying "wow, I did that!"

Q: Where is your favorite place to sell?
A: So far I have enjoyed Ballston Art market.

Q: What is one thing you love about your business?
A: The creativity it requires and when I freelance, I can control what types of projects I take on, and that they can vary widely.

Q: What is one thing you loathe?
A: The time it takes away from my husband and friends. Also when involved in a huge project, on top of my full-time job, the lack of sleep.

Q: What is your dream about your art?
A: To someday own an art space that is part studio for myself, part art gallery for local artists and part classrooms where I and other artists would teach workshops and classes.

Q: What is your mission?
A: To keep creating no matter what. I hopefully will be successful enough at it to continue making a living doing something I love and enjoy.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Arlington, VA

Q: Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
A: Probably somewhere in Europe so I could travel to a lot of countries easily.

Q: What would you be doing if not this?
A: Probably a pastry chef.

Q: What is next?
A: I am starting on a year to 18-month course to get my Associates Degree in Photography starting in May.

In an ironic twist of fate, Stacy also designed the postcard for the show she will be in tomorrow! (I'll be there too...) Come and check out all her work, photography, collage and graphic design.

What: Del Ray Artisans Spring Art Sale
Where: 2704 Mt. Vernon Ave, around the Colasanto Gallery
When: Saturday, May 9th from 10am to 4pm RAIN OR SHINE!!
Who: Stacy, me and many more talented artists, jewelry, paintings, photography
Why: Because you still didn't buy a Mother's Day gift!

Hope to see you there!~Jen

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is that your final answer?

All the entries are in and the winners of the Earth Day Contest are: Veronica O'Connor of Chicago, IL and Ellen Eagan of Millbrae, CA!

Thank you to all who entered! Veronica and Ellen each won a Jen-A-Fusion reusable shopping. They both had bathroom tips to help clean and save water, each to be shared at a later date. I guess I have to make the bags now!!

Just an announcement about tomorrow's Spring Bazaar at NIH. Due to the threat of rain, the event has been moved to Bulding 10. That is all the information I have. I'm sure there will be signs inside the building. Hope to see all my NIHers ready for Mother's Day gifts.

Hope everyone is staying dry...~Jen

Green Tip~ Auto mat

From the book, Reuses, published 1982:

Rolled up and stored in the trunk of your car, an old window shade becomes a convenient mat for changing tires. It will protect you from the dirt and gravel on the road way. It can also be used for ground cover at a picnic, outdoor movie or the beach.