Tuesday, March 3, 2009

HUGE Etsy Birthday Sale!

A few items on sale at my Etsy site, jenafusion.etsy.com

It's my birthday, but you get the presents!

In honor of the upcoming anniversary of my birth, I am running a month long Etsy sale on *ALL* items in my shop. This happens to also be a great time for a spring sale, cleaning out winter hats, fingerless gloves, cutie bags from last season and other assorted fun things. I have been trying to get pictures together and post as much as possible, but there are items still to come! I have much more left than I thought I did, sadly for me, great for you.

If you aren't sure how etsy works or are a little intimidated, don't be! I'm fairly new to it also, but I would love to go through your sales process together if you need a hand. There are plenty of tips and how tos on the site too. Everyone wants to make this easy for you!

Meanwhile, as I am doing all that, I am also digging through application deadlines for shows this year. However, better yet, I am digging through *acceptance* notifications too! I'll be returning to some of my best shows from last year (Old Town Arts and Crafts Fair), a few that are changing for the better (DC Counterculture Festival) and some brand new ones for me (Village Marketplace in Fairfax). I am finally starting to get pumped about the market season ahead, trying to get some new stock together and having fun in the process.

Check back as the month goes on, I'll be posting more on my site. Hope to see you in etsyland~Jen

Green Tip~A different kind of green~
Save green on shipping from my Etsy site by getting all your desired items at once. I discount when shipping multiple items and will refund any differences between estimated shipping quote and actual cost.

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Jenny Sammons said...

I saw you had your first sale on Etsy! Congrats!