Friday, February 13, 2009

I MET the Metal Purse Challenge!

Aren't they just so darn cute?

In answer to the Metal Purse Challenge, I dropped off an order last week at the Shakespeare Theatre. The newest play, The Dog in the Manger, just opened and they have a wonderful little assortment of metal frame purses. Perhaps at this posting, it might be a little late to get one for your sweetie for Valentine's Day. However, you could just get one for no special reason, like it is a Tuesday, or you just love the exquisite fabric!

Go check them out, plus some NEW lovely patchwork scarves and the usual suspects of little zippered coin bags and such.

Working on applying to many more shows, I'll update my schedule as I get into them~ because we are *sure* I will get into all of them, right? ;) ~Jen

PS Notice something different around here?? Well, I know I am always making changes around here, but there is something kinda exciting. Stroll down to the bottom of the page. See it?? Check it!!

Green Tip~ Keep your insides protected~

Me in the 'cleaner' basment

Make sure you protect and keep yourself green when doing less than clean work.
This week, I helped my aunt rip down water damaged, slightly moldy sheetrock in my Grandmother's house. To protect ourselves, we wore respirators to cleanse the air. Otherwise, we would have breathed in very gross, dirty particles. While being exposed to these elements, we could have gotten seriuosly ill. Thanks to procautions such as a respirator, goggles and gloves, we were well protected.

Read more about preventing mold on the EPA's website, which has more resources about controlling and cleaning up the nasty stuff.

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