Monday, February 23, 2009

CREST Madri Gras Sale- Tuesday February 24 ONLY

Wow- I didn't think I was such a electro-junkie, but take away a computer that actually works and I'm a stressed out mess. I have been having some troubles. I have been working on those troubles for TWO whole weeks. Ok, that might not sound like a lot to you, but this represents many many hours I could have, should have been working on some great new designs and products and blogging about the wonderful box of fabrics that Dynamic Business Interiors saved for me. These fabric memos are truly wonderful! I was tired of looking at the same ole' stuff and new materials always inspire an artist. Now if I can get back to them...

Today, I finally was able to log into my CREST emails. I had over 180!! This is how I found out about a very good sale they are running tomorrow in honor of Fat Tuesday. So, if you are sad that you can't make it to Brazil or Louisiana, then cheer yourself up with some cute earrings.

CREST stands for Capital Region Esty Street Team. I just joined, so don't really have much information for you, other than these ladies are serious about their art and their businesses. I can't wait to be more involved with the group. I really feel that cooperation is better than competition and these folks seem to think so too.

I was too late to include anything of mine in the sale tomorrow, but I am more than pleased to lend my support. So, check it out, or see what the Esty Team in your area might be up to.

Looking forward to better computer days ahead~Jen

GREEN TIP~ Get rid of your electronics the correct way~
Since this has been on my mind....if your computer (or DVD player or printer or Hello Kitty boom box) dies, DO NOT just throw it away! Electronic garbage, also known as e-waste, continues to be dumped into landfills, even though it doesn't have to be. Even though it should not be. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury, reusable plastics and reclaimable components can be properly recycled. Many jurisdictions offer free drop offs, sometimes perhaps only a few times a year, perhaps on a weekly basis. Waste management companies specifically dedicated to recycling are all over the country. And, major big box stores have begun their own programs.

Along with actually recycling these machines, what about the 'reuse' of the 3 Rs? If the unit works, but you don't need or want it anymore, consider donating it to charity, a homeless shelter, your next door neighbor's daughter or the elderly couple down the street. Older cell phones are re-programed for 911 calls and given to tenants in battered women's shelters. Use Craigslist or Freecycle to connect with someone who might even come and pick it up.

Also becoming more popular are electronics fund raising drives. Many of the above mentioned recycling companies will partner with charities to run these events. People bring their unwanted items and the company will pay the organization for the goods. This seems to be most common for schools, but could also benefit scouts and youth groups too.

Whatever you do, don't just throw it away. At the very least, put it on the curb with a "free" sign on it. I bet it won't sit there long!!

The following sales will be available ONE DAY ONLY -
Fat Tuesday, February, 24
So come back and buy early before the quantity discounts are gone.
Half price on this pink and brown paisley tote - (regularly $44.95)

50% off Sterling Silver and Rose Quartz 5-decade Catholic Rosary (regularly $65)
50% OFF all 8x10 photos!
Half-off hand cold forged sterling silver hoop earrings (2-inches long) (regularly $15)
All Hair Accessories 50% off the listed price!

10% off Yarn and FREE SHIPPING!
All Neckwarmers 50% off Listed price
25% off all Purple, Green and Yellow items!

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