Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Metal Frame Purse Challenge~

Folks, I 'm a little embarrassed to admit, but I'm a tad scared!

Christopher, the manager at the Shakespeare Theatre Company's gift shops, approached me about making some coin satchels using metal purse frames. I have never used them before in my life! However, I do like some challenges, so I *finally* ordered a few frames and set about trying to figure out how to make these bags.

I ordered a small variety of frames from CottonTouch on Etsy. They were coming all the way from Thailand, but were great prices and most items had free shipping. I just had to wait three weeks... well, yesterday, the box arrived. I was excited to see what they looked like and try to make them work. The fact that the box didn't have tape, but was tied with string was intriguing...I got everything I ordered, though, so the sender seems to know what she's doing.

I found some pretty clear and well illustrated instructions online about how to make these cute little bags from U-Handbags. Now, I just have to get to it!

Off to make some bags~ I'll post photos when I'm finished~Jen

Green Tip~ Get help from some friends~

You *want* to get better with your environmental habits, but it is just toooooo much to figure out yourself. You need someone(s) to figure it out for you ans compile it, right? Right! There are many, many books, websites and other resources to find out what to do, buy, go and not, that will make your new year's resolutions much easier...

Some of my favorites:

The Big Green Purse~
Also a book, this site has updates on products that help and hurt you and your family, new inventions and *very simple* lifestyle changes that have a big impact.

Forecast Earth~
News, science and debate advancing sustainable life on a changing planet.

Eco- Chick~
LOTS of great resources for the modern, stylist, earth focused woman. Don't want to eat only bulgar and wear hemp sack dresses? You can find solutions to your issues, get feedback from others and become more educated.

And, my most recent favorite~

The Lazy Environmentalist~
"Discover easy, stylish and super convenient ways to green your lifestyle". And, their logo is a green arm chair. Doesn't this say it all??


CGS said...

oh, I have a feeling I'm gonna want one of those! :)

Jenny Sammons said...

Good luck, Jen! And thanks for the green links. I'm going to bookmark them now. :)

The Artistic Blogger said...

how did they turn out? i am going to make these soon!

Jessica Marie said...

so glad to find this post because i was just about to order from cotton touch but was feeling kind of uneasy about it.. i've been trying to find someplace in the US to buy the metal frames but really can't find any.