Monday, January 5, 2009

I just gave birth to Etsy twins!

New year, new Etsy Mom!

Just like many people out there, I am putting my energies into new things for this new year.

So, today, I just opened two new Etsy shops! will feature vintage fashions for the body and home. It will has clothing, accessories, home decor, knick knacks and other assorted vintage yummies! will feature fun and usable supplies to rock out your art. This could include vintage fabric, buttons, paints, trims and the like.

These, along with, makes me a busy mom, taking care of these twins and a toddler. ;) However, I commit to try to post one or more items on each site, every day, at least to get started and get some items up.

Stay tuned, I have some really funky leather platforms, handworked vintage lace, shell buttons, 70's belts, bright orange candy dishes, fruity glasses...what else?! Who knows...

Oh, and, I will be posting more of my own, handcrafted items up, like these great new convertible hats I whipped up in mid-December. More fingerless gloves, polar fleece scarves, jazzy bags...

Here's the down low~ ~Where Earth, Art and Fashion Collide! ~ Vintage Fashions for the body and home. Supplies to rock out your art.

Thanks for looking~Jen

Green Tip~
From "Green Office News" E-letter from Greenline Paper Company

It is often said that the first thing we should do to green our offices is to use recycled paper. Real recycled paper that is, not just 30% recycled as the EPA defines. The fight against global warming now includes keeping paper out of landfills where it creates methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Much of our landfill-headed paper could be diverted and made into quality, 100% recycled copier paper--now that's recycling!"

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