Friday, July 25, 2008

Heated funkiness @ Artscape!

Some of the Art Cars on parade at Artscape. So Cool! Makes me want to make my vehicle into an art car. Almost... but to read more about art cars and how to make one, check out

Thanks to all my new customers and admirers in Baltimore! I had a great time a few weekends ago, even in the heat! It was truly a fantastic experience and I am so flattered to be a part of it all.

As it was DIY@Artscape's first year, I was even more happy to be in on the ground floor. There was a huge amount of talented designers and crafters. My tentmate's jewelry was so cute and pretty...I had to get a pair of earrings. They are so simple and lightweight, I have been wearing them non stop! Check out cutie Nancy's designs at

I do have to apologize that I haven't posted this before. I got totally and completely focused on the Del Ray Artisans Art Camp, which I ran last week. I have been finishing up a ton of things for it ever since, while also trying to make some new stock for Saturday....

Ballston Art & craft Market is this weekend, again!

In case you are trying to make it for the first time, here are the details:

What: Ballston Arts + Crafts Market
Where: Welburn Square, Arlington, VA
When:Saturday, August 9, 10am-4pm
Metro: Ballston stop, between the metro and the mall, easy!

Above is a photo my very talented friend Stacy took of our booth in June. She will have fun hand painted frames, lifestyle shadow boxes and sweet jewelry. And, some new stuff too!

Hope to see you there~Jen

Green Tip~ Recycle Right

I had to do some recycle picking to get glass containers for the art camp. It made me realize that tons of people are recycling- almost every house had a bin outside it. However, I also realized that most people aren't doing it correctly. I only found one bin that was completely 'correct' and it only had two beer bottles in it! When I got back home and cast a discerning eye on my own container, I could see a few things we are doing wrong.
Some of the common mistakes are: leaving lids on bottles, not rinsing the containers, and putting non-recyclable materials in the bins.

From the website, these are the basic steps to follow for general recycling:
* Empty and rinse all beverage containers and metal cans.

* Remove all caps, tops and lids.

* Flatten plastic and aluminum beverage containers and metal cans.

* Do not use plastic bags to hold recyclable materials.

Each jurisdiction has different guidelines for their programs, so please check with your local government to find out what can and can not be recycled. In Alexandria, where I live, we are very lucky to have single stream pick up. This means that everything we recycle can be put into one bin, not separated out. It has been found that this type of system encourages and increases the participation levels in the community.

Even if you don't have single stream in your neighborhood, take a moment to educate yourself about the procedures. Why bother doing something, if you aren't going to do it right? ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I'm going to Charm City, Charm City here I come,
I'm going to Charm City, Charm City here I come!

Folks, it is July, it is hot and it is time for Artscape! I have never been, not even to attend and check it out, which is too bad. It looks like a really cool event, complete with tons of music, contemporary visual arts, cutting edge fashion shows, great food and fun artisans. Tagged as "America's Largest Free Public Arts Festival", it will surely offer more than enough to do in a weekend.

This year, they are offering a new feature, which is allowing new and upcoming artists, designers and crafters the chance to display at Artscape in a more intimate setting under one big tent. It is called DIY@Artscape and should be full of really different stuff. The DIY tent is right in the center of all the fun, at the corner of Charles Street and Mt. Royal Ave.

The stats:

What: DIY@artscape
Where: Baltimore aka Charm City
When: Friday, July 18, noon-10pm
Saturday, July 19, noon-10pm
Sunday, July, noon-8pm
Who: Masses of people who will be having a lot of fun


The website is a *great* resource, with maps, participants, transportation info, including a coupon for discounted Amtrak tickets

I am really pysched about this weekend, hanging out, having fun and hoping to see you! ~Jen

Monday, July 7, 2008

Weird Etsy World!!

(do do do do- creepy strange music theme)

As of this moment in time, I completely think that Etsy is magically FANTASTIC!

No, I haven't sold anything yet, but I did buy a big ole' jar of buttons...from the wife of a manager I had 12 years ago, in a different state! One of the reasons I remembered his name (and hers too) was that he is a talented artist. I was asked to sit for a piece he worked on and he gave me a print as a thank you. All these years later, I still have the print, which is hanging up over my head right now.

But, we had no contact since 1996, so I had no idea who she was online, I just bought from her. Well, I truly believe, Etsy does really bring people together...or at least jars of buttons do. :)

It just proves the world is a much smaller place than you might think, so don't burn your bridges.

I use way too many cliches.

One I don't use is "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." Perhaps I should say "A button in the hand is worth two from my past"?

It is way too late! I'll post a green tip later, with some pictures Stacy took of a few markets lately.

Oh, go check out Although he doesn't have my picture up, his work is all so beautiful, truly.

Thanks for reading my ramblings!~Jen

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is the first day of the rest of my (Etsy) life

Miss Cherry Pie Purse, 2008 (available at

I finally took the plunge!! I'm on Etsy!! You can buy my stuff online!! So go and check it out, darn it!!

Wow~ it has been a long road, but I truly put my mind to it, that I would do it and get a little store up and not get distracted. You know those days where you try, try, try, try to get stuff done, even little errands and chores and you can't seem to get even one thing "done". I had one of those days today. BUT, my main goal was to get an Etsy store up, which I did, right before midnight.

One of the major problems is, I'm kinda a perfectionist. I didn't think my pictures are that great, I don't have a nice banner, I don't know how much, how long... blah, blah, blah. Then, I look at other stores and they are a little rough around the edges too. So, I put on my best little red hen hat and got to work. And, I'm fairly happy with the result.

Check it out and let me know what you think. It will be a work in progress, like everything else in life.


**Up on this blog is a shiny new F.A.Q.s section. I get asked a lot of questions, so I thought others might have the same inquiries. Well, here are the best and brightest. If you have one you think I need to add, let me know.

**Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, if you need a break from partying over this holiday weekend and want to get out of the city, head over to Annapolis.

What: First Sunday Arts Festival

When: Sunday, July 6, noon to 5pm

Where: West Street, Annapolis, between Church Circle and Calvert Street

Who: My good friend, designer, Stacy Rausch (, who will have cutie handcrafted picture frames, shadow boxes and handpainted mirrors.


Remember, check out my Etsy shop ( See you this weekend!~Jen

Green Tip~ Use baking soda to clean with.

Not only is it completely non toxic and safe, it is very inexpensive. It is readily available almost anywhere. It is safe for kids and pets. The scrubbing and neutralizing powers make it an ideal cleaning product.

Check out,, and for more information.

A GREAT tip from my sister and brother-in-law~ they suggested re-using an old parmesan cheese container, with a removable lid. This makes it a lot easier to shake out for cleaning, especially in a sink or tub. Just remember to take the label off and mark the container. You don't want to dump baking soda on your spaghetti!