Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shows, Markets and the Weather, oh my!

What crazy weather we have been experiencing lately!! The only show this whole spring that it hasn't rained, was in Philadelphia, and I had one dog pee on my table cloth and another poop in my tent!! That day, I could have used some rain to wash it away. ;)

Other than battling these freaky storms, I have been truly busy with some other great Jenafusion things~

"Think Green" is the current show on display at the Del Ray Artisans, in Alexandria. It is a wonderfully curated and organized show, that I am so happy to have two bags in. Like most of my products, they are mainly made from recycled items, in this case, a silk skirt and blazer, upholstery samples and a duvet cover. These pieces are some of the only 'functional' art there, as the show has some beautiful prints, painting and photos. Try to stop by and see it, as it both educates and enlightens the eco-artist in all of us.

"Think Green", Del Ray Artisans, 2704 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA, June 5-29,
Hours: Thursday: 12-4pm, Friday: 12-9pm, Saturday: 10am-4pm, Sunday: 12-4pm

In addition, I have TWO vending gigs this coming weekend, yes, not one, but TWO!

Friday, June 13th, I'll be at the NIH Building 31, Cafeteria in Bethesda, MD from 8am-3pm, for those of you who mainly find me there. This will be my last time at NIH this summer, I'll be back in September.

AND, the very next day, I'll be back at the Ballston Arts + Crafts Market in Arlington. I posted an entry when I found out about it. I don't want to repeat myself anymore that I usually do, so go back and re-read that blog. ( My good friend Stacy will be joining me, with fun jewelry and cute shadowbox frames. I am hoping the weather stays pretty good and we have a great day on Saturday.

Here are the details:

What: Ballston Arts + Crafts Market
Where: Welburn Square, Arlington, VA
When:Saturday, June 14, 10am-4pm
Metro: Ballston stop, between the metro and the mall, easy!

As for my location, I got moved!! I'm now a full 180 degrees around the circle, closer to the mall. I'm actually happy about this, as I think there is more shade over there.

AND, I have been really, really, really busy getting ready for my biggest show ever. (really!) It is the weekend of the summer solstice and I hope that brings me good luck. I'll be at the Clearwater Festival, The Great Hudson River Revival, in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. More on that next week, you'll have to check back.

I know this is a lot to throw at you right now, all at once. You have other things going on, like, perhaps finding a new bathing suit, or what to get your Dad for Father's Day, or does that cute guy down the hall fancy you? Well, grab the guy, head to the market, get a gift for Pops and model some suits for the guy. You'll find out soon enough if he really does fancy you! ;)

See you this weekend~Jen

Green Tip~Change your air and oil filters when needed!
Getting the MOST gas mileage right now has many people slightly obessed right now, as in the case of the new trend of 'hypermiling'. Which is a way to get an extremely high amount of miles per gallon, sometimes in common sense or comical ways. However, we can still learn something from these folks. (For more, read

I do many of these things already, like lightening the load of the stuff in your trunk, having tires inflated properly and the like. However, the last time I went to get my oil changed, they also changed the air filter. My miles per gallon(mpg) jumped from about 35 (which is higher have a lot of people's) to about 40-45 mpg!! Which, is higher than a lot of hybrids!

However, one thing I probably won't do it use an "ice vest" instead of AC in the car. Just doesn't seem practical. :) Happy driving!

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