Friday, June 27, 2008

The Great Mud Out 2008

WOW! I shouldn't be surprised, but the Revival was... wet and fun and long and just a great experience all the way around.

I went the day before it all started and set up my tent and got the lay of the land. The weather was prefect, not too hot and not too cold. Blue skies, absolutely gorgeous. And, of course, too good to last.

Saturday was wonderful too, but much warmer. We were right down by the Hudson River, so we got a nice breeze once in a while and that helped. My mom came to assist and she is the best salesperson! I was able to go with my boyfriend and walk around just a little, see some exhibits and get some lemonade.

During the day, we were able to hear fun and upbeat music, as we were near the dance tent. Clothes for the Soul, run by Denise and Randy, were right behind me,and so nice and helpful. Truly wonderful people. (More on them later). I was sandwiched between Lennie, from Metal Magic and Freddy, from Churoncalla. Both great guys that had been doing the festival for years and they had such wonderful laid back attitudes, it totally added a chill vibe.

The booth looked wicked good! I had up fun fabric for my backdrop and my great new table cloths. I also had paper lanterns for lighting and they added a nice touch. I met so many cool people, and everyone was into the recycled aspect of my products. I was glad for the warm reception.

In addition to clothing, Randy makes fun colored hoola hoops. All day, we watched bunches of people playing games and hoola hooping.

Later, I finally got a chance to try. It was really hard at first, then Randy switched me to a larger hoop and it wasn't too hard anymore. SO MUCH FUN! And good exercise too. Jeff, the b.f., tried one too, but didn't get into it nearly as much as I did.

I really got into it and just stood outside my tent (to the left) and hooped it up for a while. Randy came over and took the hoop away, as a women wanted to buy it right off me! Soon, the sun started to go down and the day moved to a close...

Then next day, we weren't so lucky. The day dawned damp and dull. Then the rain started. It poured on and off for a about two and a half hours.

People still wandered around and came in the tent, but the festive spirit of the fair was dampened, pun intended. ;(

However, some people's enthusiasm couldn't be taken away. While people were bundled up, running for cover, this man played Frisbee, danced and totally enjoyed the rainy weather.

About 2:15pm, they called the festival to a halt and I sprang into action. I needed a t-shirt for my grandma! I needed to go see the Green Living Expo tent! I needed a hoola hoop! I ran around for a while, trying to get a few things done, then we started packing up. About 45 minutes after they canceled the festival, the rain stopped, the clouds totally dissipated and the sun came out. It was nice not to pack up in the rain, but frustrating to have to leave as it had stopped. I didn't get to see the Green Living Expo tent, which I was sad about. Next year?...

We still had a great time all in all and I truly enjoyed it. I think I'll try to do it again, but we'll see. Perhaps next year, we won't have storms every day!

Hoping it won't rain next weekend in Annapolis! July 6th, First Sunday~ Come by it you don't have anything else to do on your holiday weekend~See you there~Jen

Green Tip~ More store brand madness!

I have been scouting more eco (as in economical) solutions to the organic cotton trend. Earlier this year, I found really soft and fluffy 100% organic cotton towels at Bed, Bath and Beyond. At $14.99 for a large bath size, they are about the same price of a 'regular' towel. Don't forget to use those 20% off coupons.

Target has started to carry their own brand of 100% organic cotton sheets. I got them on sale for about $40 for a queen set, which included two pillow cases, a flat and a fitted sheet. Even at the normal price of about $48, this is a really good price for a set of sheets. They are extra roomy for thick mattress and are silky soft. These were right next to the bamboo/cotton sheets that felt so yummy too.

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