Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clearwater Festival~ The Great Hudson River Revival

Thanks to all who made it out to Ballston Arts + Crafts Market this past weekend. While it was hot for the most part, it was a really nice day, great to be back to there. And, of course, freaky weather played a small, but crucial part. Right at the end of the day, a major storm came up and the wind howled. My friend Stacy, talented crafter I got to share my spot with all day, and her husband Ron, helped me carry all my stuff to cover before the rain started! It was great not to pack up wet products.

I got to see quite a few familiar faces, including Laura, above. She is a doll that has been coming to see me, and get a bag, for the last three years. She has always approached my work with such enthusiasm and love, it warms my heart! She was gracious enough to allow me to snap her picture. She was so happy and it positively comes through. Thanks, Laura, I hope you and your new bag have wonderful adventures this summer.

So, onward and upward! Next weekend, I will be in New York State, at the Clearwater Festival, The Great Hudson River Revival. The show is an environmental folk music extravaganza. I am: elated, frenzied, riotous, skittish, fidgety and utterly addicted to the thesaurus! This is literally and figuratively going home. First, I will be able to see my some of my family that still lives in NY. Second, I grew up going to the Clearwater Festival, which my family always called "The Revival". I remember many years of sorting through rubbish, to make sure that people haven't put recycleables into the trash. Lots of great music, dancing and colorful characters. Sunburns and heat stroke, rain while camping out and awesome sesame noodles. Getting politcal buttons and fair trade clothing. Now that I look back, I can see how much the Revival has shaped my life. I still pick through people's trash, to make sure they have recycled properly! ;-)

I will be among some very cool looking artists and craftspeople. I can't wait to check out my co-vendors, especially Metal Magic, Three Crazy Friends and Sound Earth. Check out the info at www.clearwater.org/revival/craft.html. I have a feeling that I might be spending at much money as I make!


What: The Clearwater Festival, The Great Hudson River Revival
Where:Route 9 in the Village of Croton-on Hudson, Westchester County, New York
When: Saturday + Sunday, June 21-22, 10 am to dusk
Who: Check out the website for the list of performers!
Website: www.clearwater.org/revival/index.html

Even if you can't make it to this weekend, please pass this along to those in the downstate New York area that might be interested. I'll try to remember to take lots of pictures, to post when I get back.

Thanks all and send me good weather luck!~Jen

Green Tip~ Fix it yourself

I have a three headed lamp that I use in my studio, that illuminates my ironing board and sewing machine. It is over 10 years old and has been through many moves. One of the heads doesn't even work anymore, but that is ok. What wasn't ok was when the plug fell off the wire! It literally came apart in my hands. However, I didn't want to be wasteful and just chuck it in the bin. Not very earth or purse friendly, as I would have to buy a new lamp. I went to the Lamplighter on King Street in Old Town Alexandria. It is a family owned business that sells and repairs lamps. For $3, I bought a new plug to fix this exact problem. It took less than a minute and I was good to go! Before you toss something 'broken', try to find out if it can be fixed, either by yourself or someone else, for less than a replacement would be.

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Anonymous said...

To Whomever It Was That Took Plants from the Campground at Croton Point Park after the Clearwater Festival:

PLEASE BRING OUR PLANTS BACK!!! They were not abandoned!! Their “brothers and sisters” miss them! Thirteen or fourteen of our house plants were taken from the campground after the weekend, possibly on Monday morning. We were STUNNED to find them gone when we went up to fetch them.


- The Loquat tree (tall furry-leaved in orange plastic pot) was grown from a seed from a fruit eaten when our son was born – eight-and-a-half years ago!!!

- The large rose bush was given to me on Valentine’s Day in 2003!!

- The tiny rose in the rectangular terra cotta pot was a Valentine’s gift from this year.

- The dark purple shamrock in the ceramic bowl was gifted to us as a road trip present by kind strangers we met on one of our journeys (the bowl was made for us by a dear friend). You are welcome to keep a few shamrock bulbs for your own garden.

- The baby laurel tree I’ve had since it was tiny.

- I am too distraught to remember who else was taken!!!

Most of the plants you took are tropical and will not survive the cold Northeast winter!!!

We will be in New York for the next few months. PLEASE arrange with us to have the plants returned.


Lance Hatcher

Elan, eight-and-a-half years old
Please contact my mom or dad soon!

Nixi Rosenberry