Monday, April 14, 2008

Artomatic 2008!

If you don't know about it, well... go to the website and read about it. I'm trying to write a short blog here! ;)

In a nutshell, a totally free, volunteer driven art extravaganza! Professional installations, amateur musicians, free form dance and the like. Plus, a marketplace that I hope they hold again this year. I participated in it last year and really liked it. I guess we'll see...

However, I wanted to let you know about the opportunity for you to participate, even if you aren't an artist or don't have the time. There is a call for furniture donations- a *great* way to recycle and do some spring cleaning!

From the website:
Design on a dime
We need furniture donations to fill the music halls and multiple lounges. Couches, chairs, love seats, folding tables, folding chairs, coffee or lamp tables, and lamps (floor or table). Contact Patrick at 202-413-0956 to arrange pick up.

Get rid of it, help them out and have your castoffs be a part of something bigger! Then, when you go to Artomatic, you can point out that lamp to your friends and say "That was mine! Look how happy it is here!"

See you at Artomatic!~Jen

Green Tip-
Reduce the junk mail you get by signing up with a FREE service such as Catalog Choice ( You tell them what publications you want to stop getting and this will slow the amount of junk mail coming to you. Other such companies include DMA’s Mail Preference Service and GreenDimes. And, this website has a lot of good information for stopping other unwanted junk mail.
Happy un-reading!

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Sanjiv said...

GreenDimes here,

Thanks so much for the mention.

Just to let you know starting in April first 5 million people who sign up we'll PAY YOU or plant a TREE.