Sunday, March 9, 2008

Martha Stewart blogs my sister!

So, of course, I have to blog Martha...

My sister is a certified saddler and saddle fitter. A major part of her business is educating riders and horse owners about the proper saddle fitting and how important it is for both the horse and rider. Martha Stewart is just one of her many clients, but probably the most famous outside of the equine world.

Proper saddle fitting is a very time consuming, skilled task that is detailed on the blog. If you have a horse, or are just interested in what a saddler might do sometimes, check it out. You can always go to Dutchess Bridle and Saddle's website for even more information.

This featured blog was just in time for International Women's Day, which is March 8, also my birthday. How fitting for a great woman, my sister, to be profiled by an original domestic goddess herself!


Based on the blog right before this one, I decided to include a 'green tip' at the end of each new entry. Here's the first one:
Shop with re-usable bags and recycle or reuse the plastic ones you do get. Many stores are not offering them or might give a discount when you don't take one. Sadly, 99% of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags used per year are not recycled.


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