Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ballston Arts + Crafts Market

WOW! Is it spring yet? I can't believe that it is almost April... and I haven't been to many (read- 4) markets this year. One might think that I would be aching to get out and into the fresh air, selling my buns off. One might just be wrong.

You see, just like you, I have been *crazy busy*. The folks at the Shakespeare Theatre seem to want more little bags all the time. They are great salespeople and the theater goers seem to like my products. I just got back from a week long moving trip with my sister. From Atlanta, to Killeen, Texas, which should have been a 14 hour trip. Well, it might be, without a blown tire and tornado winds and rains. All in all, I'm back, ready and excited!

While away (I think driving through Mississippi), I got my acceptance notification about the Ballston Arts + Crafts Market. I'm so glad to be in again this year! This will be my third year and I am really looking forward to what the organizers have in store. Last year was the first season The Ballston-Virginia Square Partnership headed up the events and they did a wonderful job. Kristina Bilonick manages the market and she is pretty damn awesome. I have been to many shows and even organized a few myself, so I know how hard it can be. Well, for the vendors, these guys and gals make it so easy, lining up cool local bands, goodie bags full of treats from area merchants and just are all around so supportive and helpful. This one of the reasons I am looking forward to this summer.

The other reason is some of the great customers I have gotten to know. People keep coming back and supporting us crazy artists, which are so diverse and talented.

The market is in cutie Welburn Square, right in between the metro and the mall. It is every second Saturday of the month, starting in May and running through October. Sadly, I won't be there for the opening Saturday, but I will be there several times over the summer. Keep tabs on the market blog (www.ballstonarts-craftsmarket.blogspot.com) for listings of the artists, bands, special events, and such. I'll be seeing you there!

AND, as for seeing you, I have been adding more and more shows to my expanding list of events this year. Keep checking back, as I find out about more all the time. I will try to be at Western Market this coming Saturday, if the weather is good.

Looking forward to getting out there and seeing some of you soon~ Jen

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kristina said...

looking forward to having you at the market again this year. can't wait to see your newest stuff!