Monday, February 4, 2008

Shakespeare Theatre Company Gift Shops

UPDATE~ 2/19/08 I dropped off a **huge** shipment today at the Harman Center for the Arts, 610 F Street NW! Not to totally toot my own horn, but the table I set them up on looks great. Christopher, the manager, and I even sold one while I was putting them out. Go and check them out!

The Shakespeare Theatre Company Gift Shops are now carrying Jenafusion!! This has been a very fun recycling project that I have been working on. I was approached to use the left over fabric from the costumes to make my little bags. I just dropped off the first shipment this past weekend and everyone who saw them was so excited. Needless to say, so am I. :D The fabrics are very good quality, great designs and just beautiful to work with.

These are being carried exclusively through the gift shops. Right now, they are at the Lansburgh Theatre at 450 7th Street NW, Washington, DC. They will also be carried at the Harman Center for the Arts, 610 F Street NW, right around the corner, in downtown DC. The hours are mainly centered around the production schedule, so you might want to check the website or call before you head down there to check them out.


Anonymous said...

The second I found these bags at the Lansburgh Theatre, I bought one large. During the first night they were there, they were causing quite the stir.

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are amazing. What a fun project. I can hardly imagine!