Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun at Crafts and Kisses!

Thank you all who came by Crafts and Kisses yesterday! What a totally beautiful 'spring' day to be out ~and so many of you did come out. The place was **packed** with great vendors and LOTS of customers.

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Patty Lee, a very talented book maker whose work is both very modern (think robots) and old worldly (think used maps). See for yourself at Plus, she makes a wicked good chocolate dragon lollipop!

I hardly got a chance to walk around, but when I did, I got a absolutely gorgeous little raku bowl from Sabri Ben-Achour. ( It is peachy and pale aqua and I can't wait to use it for ice cream...yes, the weather was that nice. :)

Don't forget to look back at the main website, to visit the artists again and keep up with their shows.

I am working on getting my shows and festivals together, so keep checking back to find out where I'll be. I'll try to post up some new things I'm working on...Hope to see you soon!~Jen

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